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Matt Miller Co-director email twitter github website
Sarah Ann Adams Research Fellow email twitter github
Karen Li-Lun Hwang Research Fellow email twitter
Alexandra Provo Research Fellow email twitter
Jessika Davis Research Fellow email twitter
Ava Kaplan Research Fellow email
Calista Donohoe Research Assistant email
Samie Konet Research Assistant email
Hilary Thorsen Affiliate email

Past Student Members of the Semantic Lab at Pratt:
Taylor Baker, Julie Carlson, Alyse Delaney, Rae Egan, Teresa Ferguson, Rose Gold, Liwen Hu, Laura Indick, Drey Jonathan, Dana Lachenmayer, Meghan Lyon, Mary Mann, Ellis Mikelić, Michelle Rothrock, Miranda Siler, Hannah Sistrunk, Eric Toole
For past members of the Linked Jazz project, click here.