29 October 2018 - Wikidata Workshop

The Semantic Lab at Pratt, in collaboration with Wikimedia NYC, presents the first workshop of a Wikidata workshop series on Saturday, November 10th from 11:00am - 2:00pm. Wikidata is a collaboratively edited knowledge base hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, which serves as a common source of data for Wikimedia and linked data projects. Pratt Alum Megan Wacha, Scholarly Communications Librarian at the City University of New York’s Office of Library Services and current president of WikimediaNYC, will lead the workshop.

21 September 2018 - Semantic Lab and Linked Jazz at #WikibaseNYC

Semantic Lab co-director Matt Miller presented at #WikibaseNYC on the use of Wikibase for the Linked Jazz project and other Semantic Lab projects. Slides can be viewed here.

17 September 2018 - Testing of the IMLS-Funded DADAlytics NER Toolchain

The Semantic Lab is currently testing the IMLS-Funded DADAlytics NER Toolchain on a corpus of documents provided by the project stakeholders and partners. Entities automatically extracted via DADAlytics will be compared to entities manually marked-up by Semantic Lab students. The results of the testing will be available soon from the project page.

27 July 2018 - Triple Builder: A New Tool Under Development

The Semantic Lab is excited to introduce a new tool under development — the Triple Builder. Created by Professor Matt Miller, this tool makes it easy to create and share RDF triples and knowledge graphs. Learn more about the Triple Builder here or test it at tb.semlab.io.

20 May 2018 - Sarah Adams Selected as 2018-2019 LOD Fellow for MoMA Archives

Congratulations to Sarah Adams for being selected as the fellow for the 2018-2019 Linked Open Data (LOD) for Museums Fellowship in the MoMA Archives. The focus of the fellowship is to help build a multi-institution integrated exhibition history index in linked open data format. Sarah will be supervised by Jonathan Lill, Leon Levy Foundation Project Manager, The Museum of Modern Art Archives, in consultation with Prof. Cristina Pattuelli and Prof. Matt Miller, Co-Directors of the Semantic Lab at Pratt.

11 May 2018 - “Linked Jazz: Then, Now, Next” Invited talk to the Greater NY Chapter of the Music Library Association

Prof. Cristina Pattuelli was invited to give a presentation on the Linked Jazz Project to the Greater New York Chapter of the Music Library Association at their Spring 2018 Chapter meeting on May 11, 2018.

27 April 2018 - Semantic Lab graduate students awarded a Graduate Student Engagement Fund (GSEF) grant to present at the New York Archives Conference

Congratulations to Semantic Lab student members Sarah Adams, Dana Lachenmeyer, and Eric Toole for receiving a Graduate Student Engagement Fund (GSEF) award to present a poster on the Local 496 Project, part of Linked Jazz, at the 2018 New York Archives Conference (NYAC), which will be held on June 6-8, 2018 at the University of Albany, NY.

26 April 2018 - “Graphic Out Communities and Cultures” Invited talk at the Knowledge Organization Research Group of University Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Information Studies

Prof. Cristina Pattuelli, co-director of the Semantic Lab at Pratt, gave a talk entitled Graphing Out Communities and Cultures: Modeling, Networking, Visualizing in the Arts and Humanities to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Information Studies. Professor Pattuelli was invited to spend several days on campus, discussing her work with faculty and doctoral students from the Knowledge Organization Research Group KOrg.

20 March 2018 - Art Linked Data Transformation and Enrichment with OpenRefine

The Semantic Lab at Pratt is pleased to announce the Art Linked Data Transformation and Enrichment with OpenRefine workshop. This event will be held Wednesday, March 28, 2018 from 3 - 6pm at the Pratt Manhattan Campus, Room 613. OpenRefine is a popular data wrangling tool for data cleaning and transformation and has become key for creating interoperable linked data. The workshop is designed to serve all levels of practitioners interested in adding linked data to their records or creating linked data. Participants will have the opportunity to complete a cleaning and reconciliation workflow using OpenRefine. With a focus on art-related data, this workshop covers:

  • Data-cleaning with OpenRefine
  • Entity reconciliation using VIAF and Wikidata with OpenRefine
  • Discussion of metadata enrichment with linked open data

Instructors: Carlos Acevedo, Digital Asset Manager at The Jewish Museum, and Alexandra Provo, Project Manager & Digital Production Editor for the Enhanced Networked Monographs project at NYU.

The workshop flyer is available here.

18 March 2018 - #PrattResearchPower: A Research Open House

The Semantic Lab at Pratt is excited to take part in #PrattResearchPower: A Research Open House, held on March 29, 2018 from 3 - 6pm, at the Memorial Hall Auditorium on the Pratt Brooklyn Campus. The event will include a panel discussion titled “Why #ResearchMatters” followed by a series of tours and presentations by faculty and students engaged in research.

The Open House is free and open to the public, but registration is required. For more information and to reserve your place, please visit the Pratt Institute website. Looking forward to seeing you there.

15 March 2018 - Pratt Institute 2018-2018 Fellowships

Applications for the 2018—2019 Pratt Institution School of Information fellowships are open! In addition to the existing Whitney Museum Linked Open Data Fellowship, supervised on site by Farris Wahbeh, Benjamin and Irma Weiss Director of Research Resources we have added a new Linked Open Data fellowship at MoMA, supervised by Jonathan Lill, Leon Levy Foundation Project Manager. Both fellowships are administered by Professors Cristina Pattuelli and Matt Miller.

Applications must be received by Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at 5:00 EST. For more information, please visit Pratt’s Fellowship Opportunities 2018-2019.

15 February 2018 - Keynote Address by Matt Miller at VALA 2018, Melbourne, Australia

Linked Data Liminality

Link Data has been on the metadata horizon for libraries and other cultural heritage institutions for some time. While great progress has been made we are still in the early days of adopting and applying these new methodologies. Though we often think of Linked Data as a universal big data endeavor, being worked on by large entities, some of its most compelling uses are small scale bottom-up projects. For example, using Linked Data to uncover underrepresented individuals and their histories. Or utilizing it as a pedagogical platform to build new skills for current and emerging information professionals. And even thinking of Linked Data as a tool for increasing civic engagement. We'll explore projects like these and think broadly how Linked Data can used in exciting ways. We will also reflect on what we can rethink during this period of transition. Data models, workflows, how we collaborate and more can be looked at with a critical eye. While Linked Data presents significant challenges it also creates important new opportunities for change and growth.

06 November 2017 - DADAlytics Stakeholder Meeting

We held our DADAlytics IMLS grant Stakeholder Meeting today.

The primary goal of the meeting is to begin to identify the general and technical user requirements of the DADAlytics system to maximize its usability, flexibility and scalability. We hope to gain insight from the participants unique perspective’s on professional practices, collection processing workflows and end user/research needs. Based on sample documents provided by each of the stakeholder participants, we will draft a plan to develop a corpus of documents for the project testbed.

We will be releasing a summery and minuets from this meeting in the coming weeks.

30 August 2017 - IMLS National Leadership Grant

We are pleased to announce that we have received an IMLS Planning Grant for 2017-2018 to support the planning for the DADAlytics Project.

“The School of Information at Pratt Institute will develop a prototype of DADAlytics, a modular tool that performs supervised entity extraction from archival documents for generating linked open datasets, lowering barriers to entry for institutions seeking to create linked open data from archival materials. This project will build on previous work to develop the Linked Jazz Transcript Analyzer, extending that tool’s functionality and making it more widely available for use by other institutions. Grant funds will support the research and data gathering needed to inform the redesign and reengineering of the tool, including an environmental scan, a series of meetings with key stakeholders and the development of a prototype.”