Overview of documents selected for DADAlytics tool testing.

Title Type Creator Source Date Link
The Night Battles, Part I Fiction Book Carlo Ginzburg n/a 1966 Raw Text
Trip to America Diary Excerpt Mary Whitall Berenson Villa I Tatti, Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies Center 1903-1904 Raw Text
Ute Lemper Interview 8/28/08 Interview Transcript Ute Lemper, Unnamed Interviewer Carnegie Hall Archives 2008 Raw Text
Metadata Descriptions JSON serialization of metadata from two 2017 dynamic web page searches Minnesota Reflections Umbra Search, Givens Collection of African-American Literature various Raw Text
China: June 4, 1989 Press Release Robert Lee, Asian American Arts Centre Asian American Arts Centre 2014 Raw Text
Toby Barnes Resume Artist Resume Toby Barnes Asian American Arts Centre 2013 Raw Text
Exhibition Records EAD Finding Aid Whitney Musuem of Art Whitney Museum of Art 2018 Raw Text